Shower Gel or Bath Soap: Which Should You Pick?


How much thought do you put on the body cleanser you use every day? Sadly, most people don’t even think about this and simply go with what’s available. The problem with this is, your skin requires special care to be healthy and smooth.

Now, you might be used to lathering and washing your body with bar soap, but is it really the right cleanser for you? Or should you consider switching to shower gel? So you can confidently choose the right one, Kerstin Florian International shares a few things you need to know.

Bath Soap

This is the classic body cleanser you’ve grown accustomed to. It’s an effective compound in scrubbing off dirt and oil off your skin. It has a pretty straightforward application. You could apply it alone or with a washcloth, whatever works for you.

Although it’s an effective purifying agent, using this bar cleanser for a longer period can be damaging to the skin, as it could scrub off the essential lipids off the surface. Because of this, you might experience dryness or unusual tightness on the skin. This is why experts don’t recommend bar soap to people who have dry, delicate, and eczema-prone skin. However, if you’re an athlete, you’ll need a stronger agent to remove the sweat and odor that the activity leaves your body and that’s why soap is a good option to consider.

Shower Gel

The shower gel is a liquid cleanser that uses milder compounds to cleanse the skin. As compared to body wash, which is also in liquid form, this has a lighter consistency. It has a combination of oil and water-based consistency, which is ideal to use on warmer days.

Some of the best bath gels contain skin-softeners that leave you feeling refreshed and moisturized. It has the power to improve the dryness and provide the right amount of hydration to the skin. Most of the shower gels you’ll find today also contain antioxidants.

Now that you know a thing or two about body cleansers, may this information guide you in choosing the most suitable product. Don’t forget to do your own research to find out which cleanser would be ideal for your use.