Restorative Approaches: Can They Replace Braces?

Cosmetic dentistry options can be considered instant orthodontic treatments, but you need to know their risks and benefits. While cosmetic fixes may offer quick results, they are not always the best choice in some cases. Gentle Dental Care notes that orthodontics remain the best method for correcting positioning of the teeth and, for an alternative fix, recommends getting clear braces from any clinic in Croydon.

Veneers Or Crowns

Dental veneers are ideal for changing a tooth’s size, shape or colour. They are thin layers of porcelain placed over the tooth’s surface. Crowns, meanwhile, work best in repairing a chipped or cracked tooth, or a broken filling. Braces, on the other hand, align teeth and jaws, while improving your dental health.

Ideal for Masking Defects

Note that choosing veneers or crowns as an alternative to orthodontics can only conceal the flaws. Both options, furthermore, will need replacements over the years. They also have limitations when correcting teeth irregularity; there is a limit in reshaping crowns and veneers can become extremely thick.

Correcting Teeth And Jaw Alignment

Braces, which take years of treatment, can improve your orofacial appearance. They can also deal with problems such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, as well as incorrect jaw position. Correcting these orthodontic issues through braces can reduce your risk of gum disease, tooth decay, including biting, chewing, and speaking problems.

Alternatives to Metal Braces

If you’re worried about how braces will look on you, you always have the choice to avoid the traditional metal brackets. Ceramic or clear braces are now available, with translucent or ivory-coloured brackets. There is also the Invisalign or braces made of clear and removable aligners. Both are less noticeable than traditional braces.

When it comes to straightening teeth, braces are the best way to go. Consult an orthodontist today to find out what kind of braces will work best for you.