Fashion Talk: Women’s Clothing that Goes Well with Western Boots

photo of a brown cowboy boots

Cowboy boots can serve as a versatile footwear for women. A.A. Callister says that stylish western corral boots are great for Western-inspired events. These boots also go well with other fashion-forward outfits. If you’re looking to pair these boots with your outfit, here are some of the pieces of clothing that go well with your chosen footwear.

Boot Cut Jeans

Western boots and boot cut jeans are a match made in heaven. This fashion combination won’t go out of style any time soon. When you’re matching cowboy boots with these jeans, make sure you pay attention to certain clothing details. See if you can buy and wear jeans that are slightly longer than you would purchase them for sneakers or flats. If you don’t want to be stepping on the hem, however, get jeans that are a couple of inches longer than your regular inseam.

Skinny Jeans

Another popular item to wear with western corral boots is skinny jeans. These jeans aren’t just a fad. They’ve become a regular part of a lady’s denim rotation. When you’re pairing skinny jeans with your western boots, make sure to tuck your jeans into the shaft to show off your boots without scrunching up your clothing.


While the cowboy boots and skirts combination is not a new fashion trend, you can make it look fresh. Put on a skirt and pair it with corral boots that have a striking color.

Don’t have a boot with a stunning color? No problem. A simple traditional black or brown pair of boots can sometimes deliver a lot of character to a skirt ensemble.

Transform your outfit by pairing your stylish cowboy corral boots with your boot cut jeans, skinny jeans, or a skirt. Whether you’re going for a professional look for the office, a functional outfit for the saddle, or something flirty for going out on a date, you can wear one well-selected pair of western boots to suit your specific style needs.