Trendy Haircuts Guaranteed to Make You Look Younger

Woman taking a haircutAging is inevitable. You, however, do not need to look wrinkled and drab as you age. There are many ways to maintain a youthful appearance. Instead of investing in expensive and harmful anti-aging creams and ointments, you can opt to slash the years off with a haircut.

A haircut is effective, inexpensive and comes with no side-effects — unlike other anti-aging solutions. There are various styles that top hairdressers in Tauranga might recommend to give you a youthful appearance. Here are some of the currently trendy ones.

A No-Fuss Bob

This haircut requires the least maintenance and creates a minimalist look. It works very well with fine hair and does not have too many layers.

If you are adventurous, you can try wearing your bob at ear length rather than the traditional chin-grazing length. To give a no-fuss bob haircut a modern spin, part it in the middle.

The Pixie

There are two types of pixie haircuts — the long and volumised pixies. You could opt to add to your hair’s texture if you have curly or wavy hair or keep it straight for a refined and sleek long pixie.

A volumised pixie is bolder, shorter and has more volume compared with regular pixie haircuts. It works amazingly well with curly hair.

The Shag

This haircut creates a soft shape, which works well for waves and curls. It also adds and lifts the volume of smooth haircuts. A shag haircut works for virtually all hair textures. The blunt shag reaching just a bit near your upper chin is the perfect choice for bob cut lovers looking to try a cool and new haircut.

While these haircuts will make you look younger, it is essential to get them done well. Get a hairdresser with all the necessary equipment and expertise for a perfect haircut. A poorly done haircut will only leave you looking like a confused teenager.