Three Tips to Enjoy Your Trip to the English Countryside

The British Museum

The English people value the countryside so much. In fact, for a lot of Brits, the English countryside is much better than the behemoth of a city that is London. Being surrounded by nature helps the body and the mind to be in a positive and relaxed state. The following are helpful tips for visitors and local people to enjoy a few days in the English countryside:

Experience English cuisine at its finest

English cuisine may not be as popular as French or Italian cuisine, but it has many fans in its own right. When you go to the English countryside, it would be best to check out restaurants in the localities. This is especially true for the more affluent towns, where both the middle and upper classes dine out occasionally. One of these affluent towns is Tunbridge Wells, which is an hour from central London. Check out restaurants in Tunbridge Wells for your trip.

Visit churches and castles

Due to Britain’s rich history as a colonial power, it has a lot of churches and castles on almost every side of the island. These castles, mansions and churches served as homes to royalty, knights and the clergy for a time but a lot of them are now open to the public

Go to villages and market towns

A trip to the English countryside will never be complete if you do not visit villages and market towns. Country life is usually centred along these places. Also, do not miss the steam trains. You will never experience stream trains the way the English do it.

Being in the English countryside is a great experience that anyone would enjoy. There are lots of things to do that you can fill your schedule with. Every tourist should try out going to the countryside if they go to Great Britain.