Spooky Mansions in Brisbane for Thrill-Seekers

Spooky Mansion

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia, and is popular for its rich cultural heritage and beaches. Among the most notable tourist spots in this city are the Science Centre and Queensland Museum, as well as the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Brisbane, however, is also home to several scary places perfect for lovers of the paranormal.

If you are adventurous enough for some scares while enjoying Brisbane’s shores at the same time, you may visit the city and get a house for rent somewhere in Wellington Point so you can explore not just the city’s most picturesque beaches but also its spookiest mansions.

Here are Brisbane’s spooky mansions that you may wish to explore:

 Whepstead Manor

Built in 1890’s for a family of sugar cane farmers, this historic old world mansion sits in the suburb of Wellington Point. After the post-boom depression, the mansion converted into a hospital in 1936. Over the years, there have been many ghost sightings in the mansion. This includes the spirit of a Chinese worker who committed suicide by hanging himself.

Woodlands of Marburg

Built in 1870 in Marburg, this historic mansion became a seminary in 1945 following the death of its owners. The priests who died in the mansion are allegedly haunting this property, as well as its original owners.

The creepiest of its stories, however, is that of the ghost of an old servant believed to have died when pushed down the mansion’s staircase.

Newstead House

This mansion was built in 1846 and offers breathtaking views of the Brisbane River. Back then, it served as a venue for the parties held by the Wickham Family, attended by military officers, foreign dignitaries and high government officials. It is now government property and is open for public viewing.

Tourists visiting this place claim seeing curtains move by themselves and hearing strange sounds from the north-west wing of the mansion, particularly from the children’s bedrooms.

Brisbane is undeniably an exciting place to be. It does not only offer magnificent views for nature lovers but also uncanny destinations for paranormal lovers.