Let the Whole Family Have Fun by Going Fishing

Dad teaching the son how to fish

After a long day at the office, it’s only natural that you’d want to kick back, relax, and re-energize over the weekend. Instead of binging on the latest offering on TV and spend the entire weekend cooked up in the house, consider venturing outdoors. There are considerable benefits that come with feeling the wind in your face as you enjoy the clean, crisp, fresh air.

Do this on a lake, and the excitement soars, suggests D&R Sports Center (Boats Center), a provider of pontoon boats in Michigan. Fishing trips are no longer a boys-only affair, as with a little preparation, they can be a family affair.

Prepare Adequately

Your kids too can appreciate spending some time in the open waters, and so you should take them as well. Just be sure that you take the right precautions to avoid ugly water incidents. Naturally, you want to start with safety gears such as floaters.

While there are slim chances of being knocked off a pontoon boat, strange things have been known to happen. Next up, you want to get quality reels with fresh lines. Then there’s the matter of bait. If your little ones are a tad squeamish, settle for artificial lures; otherwise, you have a wide range of live baits to pick from.

Get the Necessary Permits

Having a park ranger sidle up to the family with a menacing face because you’re fishing without a license is a sure buzzkill. Your kids might never recover from such an encounter. Or worse, still might never let you forget the oversight, especially since kids get to fish for free.

As an adult who resides in Michigan, an annual license will cost you just $26. A yearly license beats both the 24- and 72-hour permits that fetch $10 and $30, respectively. Best of all, once issued a permit, you’re free to go after any fish species in the lakes.

Spending time outdoors, especially cruising down a lake, is an exciting way to unwind over the weekend. With the right choice of boat and fishing equipment, you can enjoy your day as you catch your dinner.