Caring for Your Scissors: Ways to Keep Them in Good Condition

Hairdresser cutting woman's bangs hair in shop

Scissors are some of the most durable hairdressing tools. Where well maintained, they can serve you for up to five years with minimal defects. However, scissors require constant cleaning and sharpening. They also require being stored safely to prevent contact with water, which often results in rusting.

1. Keep them sharp

The degree of sharpness of a pair of scissors determines the amount of force used when cutting through a material. When too much force is used, there is a tendency of the scissors to break. There are several companies that offer scissor sharpening services to barbers and hairdressers.

The companies might offer actual sharpening services or deliver sharpening tools and train you on how to sharpen the scissors. They may also advise good practices that will help keep your scissors in good condition over a long time.

2. Clean them regularly

After scissors are used, there is a tendency for hair fibres to remain adsorbed to its blades due to electrostatic charge. Also, dust tends to accumulate where scissors are left out of their sleeve or casing. It is important to clean your scissors regularly to wipe off any dirt present.

It is advisable to use a soft piece of dry cloth such as a muslin to avoid possible scratching of the blades. A muslin cloth also helps to keep the scissors sparkling clean as it is able to wipe off even small dust particles that would otherwise be missed by other materials.

3. Avoid cutting hard objects

Cutting through hard things, such as hair pins, can impart mechanical damage to your scissors. In the case of large scissors, it may result in serrations which will reduce the finesse with which the scissors will operate henceforth. With small scissors, it may result in permanent damage rendering them unusable.

As a hairdresser or a barber, scissors are among your most frequently used tools. Their condition determines the ease and precision with which you are able to render services to your customers. Therefore, you must always seek to keep them in their best condition.