Work Long Hours? You May Want to Consider Taking a Break

man sitting down relaxed

You work hard because money is necessary to pay for your daily needs. Food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and healthcare all need to be paid one way or another. What you may not notice is that you’re paying with more than just money.

Don’t Wait for a Breakdown

There’s a reason some companies implement forced vacations. Working long hours without taking regular breaks reduces productivity. Without enough rest, you might start getting sick more often. Or, if you don’t get sick, lack of adequate rest can lead to longer work hours eventually because you’re taking more time to process information and execute tasks.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough hours of sleep is one of the best ways to keep yourself in top shape. Find out what works for you. In general, adults need six to eight hours of sleep. You may be able to get by on less or need to sleep longer than just the eight. You may even find that you’re the type who needs a nap some time in the middle of your day. By figuring out a sleep schedule that works for you, you can already provide yourself with plenty of time to get refreshed.

Make Time for Fun

In addition to adequate rest, give yourself time to relax. Go out for a karaoke night, for instance, with your colleagues after work hours or over the weekend — and you might be surprised that there are plenty of great karaoke places in Los Angeles. Most of your time at work is spent either alone or in situations where there might be some tension or pressure. Heading out to bond with your co-workers can also help improve office relationships, making your work environment more pleasant.

It may seem counterintuitive, but whatever your personality type, spending time alone is another effective way to recharge. It can be anything from going out to watch a movie or starting a new hobby. By getting to know yourself, you can more figure out the best ways to stay on top of everything.