Reasons Why Eyeglasses Do Not fit and What You Can Do

man wearing eyeglasses

Ill-fitting glasses is one of the most common problems among eyeglass wearers all over the world. This problem might make you suffer wondering whether to get a new pair of glasses or try and fix the problematic pair.

Various factors make your glasses not to fit correctly. The common problems include your ears being too far apart, too close, too high or too low. Other people experience issues due to their noses being too small, too big, too stuck out or being not too stuck out. That said, before you contact your favourite eyewear brand about an ill-fitting pair of glasses, find out the reason behind it.

Glasses Sliding Down to your Face

Do you find yourself pushing up your glasses back to place every five seconds? Most associate this problem with oversize glasses which is not the case. Instead, the problem is caused by the temples lacking the right curve to help them stay securely tucked in their rightful position behind the ears.

The solution to this issue is always getting custom face mapping before purchasing eyeglasses. Other quick fixes include the application of heat on the temples such that they can bend into size. If the problem is on the nose bridge section, rub some wax on the nose pad to protect them from falling off.

Lopsided Frames

If your glasses depict uneven frames, you need to establish whether it’s the glasses or your face that has a problem. As such, place the glasses on a flat table upside down and see how the temples are aligned. If they are correctly aligned, then your temples are the problem. This, in most cases, is caused by having uneven ears. In that case, the only way to fix this is having highly professionally crafted glasses to avoid the discomfort.

When your eyeglasses do not correctly fit, they may cause physical pain and eventually constantly nagging headaches. In worst cases, the glasses may fall off your face and break hence becoming useless. The bottom-line is, custom mapped eyeglasses are the best option for anyone who requires eyewear.