Party Theme Ideas You Should Consider

Vampire and witch opening the door

You probably rarely attend an office party that centers on a theme. Most office parties are "eat and mingle" thing. Start the fun rolling with these party theme ideas.

Cowboy theme

A Wild, Wild West theme would be a great idea for parties that do not center on holiday celebrations. This could be the employee recognition day or the annual team building. Ladies would love to dress in their women’s straw cowboy hats and sexy jeans.

Otherwise, they could wear the classic western dress topped with cowboy hats. Men can strut their stuff with jeans and boots. Some may go the extra mile and create a stuffed horse.

Hawaiian theme

Wouldn't it be nice to see your colleagues walking along the hallway office in their grass skirts and flower printed shirts? It would be like a breath of fresh air! You would probably wait and see what your boss would wear for a luau party!

Hero and Villain theme

The movies are the best sources of ideas for this kind of theme. The challenge is to look as nearly as your favorite super hero or villain. This theme would be the perfect theme if the office would want to award employee's ingenuity and creativity.

Superhero and villain costumes can be costly. Resourcefulness is a valuable talent with this theme.

Hat Party

There are companies where there is not much time to prepare. Your boss may want a simple day to be extraordinary and may ask employees to wear their coolest hat. A pirate's hat, a sailor's or one of those women’s straw cowboy hats will make you stand out. 

Parties do not have to be an "eat and mingle" or boring. With the right combination of you and your colleagues' idea, it would be an exciting event. Voice out your ideas during party theme brainstorming and make it an event to look forward to.