Matching the Patio Door to Your Home’s Architectural Style


Virtually, all homes have a patio nowadays. The patio door is an integral feature in your room’s interior design. It is, however, prone to wear and damage since it is one of the frequently used ones in your home. Most homeowners largely ignore their patio door unless it has an issue.

If a door starts having recurrent issues, getting a door replacement here in Salt Lake City is commonly the ideal solution. This is because frequent repairs are costly and weaken the door, which might leave your home vulnerable to intruders.

Here is a guide for making your patio door and your home’s architectural style a match.

Mediterranean, Stucco and Spanish Styles

These homes have large windows with grid patterns that create an illusion of multiple panes. They also have dark bricks and frames, which contrast their light exterior wall colors. The best fit for Spanish, Mediterranean and stucco homes are French patio doors.

They maintain the design and ensure a functional, steady performance.

Queen Anne and Victorian Homes

These homes typically have elaborate décor with bold color palettes, several trims, and sophisticated details. Decorative columns and railings on wraparound porches are the distinguishing features of Queen Anne and Victorian homes.

Sliding French-style patio doors are the perfect choice to accentuate these architectural styles. Unlike the Spanish and Mediterranean styles, you can include grids, and transoms to create a more ornate door on Queen Anne and Victorian homes.

Contemporary Styles

Modern home feature clean lines, simple geometry and lack of ornamentation. The architectural emphases of contemporary are open living and efficiency. Sliding glass patio doors with narrow frames and slim profiles are the perfect options to create a sleek cohesive appearance.

Most homeowners steer clear of replacing various elements in their home to avoid distortion of their architectural style. With the above guide, you can be sure the replacement door you choose fits your architectural style. You hence need not worry anymore about getting it wrong.