How British Salons Remember Customers Who Haven’t Visited in a While

Salon owner

British women spend more than £70,000 on average in their lifetime on beauty alone, which is why salons have sought ways to keep track of customers, especially those who haven’t paid a visit in a while. Some companies use software systems to keep track of frequent clients. These tools help businesses remain relevant and keep their frequent patrons from choosing another shop.

Tracking Customers

While there is an abundant supply of different hair scissors in the UK, so do salons that are ready to provide customers with new services. This has led many businesses to stay ahead of their competition by making sure that their regular customers haven’t forgotten about them.

A customer database solves this problem. However, with the recent law on consumer data, salons also need to have their clients’ explicit permission on how they use their personal information. Considering that most people visit a salon once a month, it can be quite difficult to know who hasn’t been around recently. However, remember that the success of your business depends on a steady flow of customers.

Beauty Spending

Salons target women more than men simply because the former spend more on personal grooming. A survey of 1,000 British women showed that their average spending of £70,000 mostly involves facial beauty products and services. Almost half of that amount will be spent on make-up and cosmetic procedures. Aside from looking young, most women will also spend significantly on fitness such as gym memberships to delay ageing as much as possible.

Whether or not you decide to use a customer database, the importance of staying in touch with regular customers remains necessary. People are likely to appreciate the simple gesture of receiving a message from their local salon. It’s also a good strategy to let customers know about your promotional offers that provide them with a reason to come back.