Gift Ideas for Your New Graduate

Being the proud parent of a newly graduated son or daughter brings along with it the realization that they soon will be looking for jobs. Eventually, they will need a few important items as they look for work and you might keep that in mind if you plan to buy them any gifts.

Whether it is for their birthday or a yearly holiday, here are a few practical presents you can give them for a successful job hunt.

Pens and Planner

Every job hunter needs to remember scheduled appointments. However, a classy pen and leather planner set will give the right impression once your new graduate whips it out in front of the employer to take down notes.

And yes, remind them that they need to do that because it shows how trustworthy they are with details.

Power Outfit

A fact of life: any interviewee will be judged according to his or her appearance. A set or two of proper office attires that fit your offspring’s preferred color scheme and style is a very practical and useful gift. If you intend to buy the whole outfit, including shoes and accessories, take advantage of annual store sales.

Add in an elegant watch and a few simple but chic Moissanite jewelry pieces to complete the ensemble. Look for a Moissanite jewelry sale for this.

Hiring Services

These days, it takes a lot to get the attention of the employer when competing with numerous applicants who are after the same vacancy. Most well-known companies receive so many hopefuls daily that it is your child’s resume can be easily skimmed over and forgotten.

Good thing that there are hiring coaches and resume services that offer their expertise to those who can afford them. Research on the top resume creators and hiring trainers and see what package would be best for your child.

It is so easy to just choose an “in” gift for your new graduate. However, they are now adults and are about to make their mark in society and will need more practical gift ideas. Find ones that they can use to further their career, and they will appreciate your gift even more.