Skincare 101: Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Moisturizer

a woman squeezing a moisturizer bottle

Skincare isn’t all about aesthetic. It entails a routine that protects us from harmful environmental factors, making us feel better about ourselves. Moisturizing is a part of skin care we should not ignore. It is important to know how to use a luxe moisturizer and how it can benefit our health.

Benefits of Moisturizing

1. Fights aging – Fine lines and wrinkles easily appear on dehydrated skin. Moisturizing nourishes and repairs the skin allowing younger skin cells to rise to the surface.

2. Protects your skin – Moisturizing defends the skin from environmental changes, which may cause psoriasis, eczema, and skin cancer. It serves as an extra layer of protection that fights dirt, heat, and wind from damaging your skin.

3. Keeps your skin hydrated – It’s important to maintain the natural balance of your skin to prevent problems like acne and extreme dryness. A luxe moisturizer can even out the moisture of your face, making it look fresh and hydrated.

4. Improves makeup – Adding a layer of moisturizer before putting primer and foundation prevents creases and cracks caused by dry and uneven skin. It will also make your makeup last longer and look more natural on the skin.

Finding the Right Moisturizer

To ensure the effectiveness of your moisturizer, find a product that suits your skin type. For oily skin, use a lotion-type moisturizer that contains exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid. Individuals with normal to dry skin should opt for hydrating moisturizers rich in vitamins A and E. For combination skin, find a product with no acid and perfume.

Best Time to Apply Moisturizer

The best time to moisturize is after bathing and before going to sleep. We lose our natural moisture after showering and replenishing it will do wonders for your skin. Moisturizing before going to sleep (and after washing and toning your face, of course) allows your skin to repair overnight.

Find a moisturizer that suits your skin by doing a patch test and observing it overnight. Use one with natural ingredients and prevent skin damage.