How Lavender Can Help You


People usually associate lavender with perfumes and potpourri but there’s more to this herb than meets the eye. Lavender can also help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

How to Identify Well-Dried Lavender

If you have lavender at home, make sure you harvest it during the dry season once the morning dew evaporates. Alternatively, you can also get dried lavender for sale at The Hop Shop.

Make sure that the lavender you get hasn’t bloomed yet. They should be cut from the stems and hung together upside down to dry away from the sunlight.

If you need dried lavender buds, use your fingers to separate the buds from the stems. Leave the buds to dry on a flat surface for a week to dry evenly.

The Different Uses of Lavender

  • Oils and Scents

Some varieties of lavender contain a small amount of camphor, thus making it a good ingredient for massage oils. Depending on the species of lavender, you can either have oils with a sweet floral scent, or oils that can help soothe muscles and congested nasal passages.

You can also dab some lavender oil on a handkerchief to help you relax throughout the day. Putting a few drops of lavender oil into your bath is also one way of turning a plain bath into a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

  • Spice and Flavor

Some species of lavender can also be used to spice up a dish or pastry. Its sweet distinctive, scent and heady, earthy flavour is sure to make any culinary offering stand out. Lavender also packs a strong kick so make sure you only use a tiny pinch of it when flavouring your food.

  • Specialised gifts

Consider using dried lavender to make a gift extra special. For instance, you can spread a layer of it at the bottom of a gift box to give the recipient a sweet surprise when they open it. You can also sew lavender or dab lavender oil onto the gifts themselves. Lavender is especially useful for bedding because of how the herb is known to make it easier for someone to fall asleep.

Lavender is more than just for looking pretty. Make your home a more soothing and peaceful place to live by using this versatile, sweet-smelling herb.