High-Performance Replacement Teeth

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In Harley Street, dental implants provide fully-functioning replacement teeth that look great and can last for decades. It doesn’t matter how the teeth have been lost. Dental implants can be used after advanced tooth decay, emergency tooth extraction, or accidental injury. They function just like natural teeth, being securely anchored in the patient’s jawbone. This means that people who’ve had dental implants in Harley Street can enjoy chewing all their favourite foods without worrying about the new teeth coming loose or falling out. Implant dentistry can be used to stabilise existing dentures, too.

The Journey Towards Dental Implants in Harley Street

There are many contemporary dentists offering dental implants in Harley Street, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic. They’re a popular treatment for people who suffer from the effects of tooth loss.

At the initial consultation, the patient will discuss their dental health history with the dental team. It’s important that the patient’s jawbone is dense enough before the implants are placed. Good oral health is also necessary. Preliminary treatments might be needed as a first step. A detailed treatment plan will be produced, and the dentist will let the patient know exactly what the costs will be, before work begins.

Then there’ll be an episode of minor surgery, during which the patient has small metal posts placed into their jawbone by the dentist. Following a short rest period, the patient will return to the dental practice, where the new teeth will be attached to the posts.

Better for Oral Health And Dental Appearance

Having dental implants in Harley Street brings numerous advantages, including:

  • A custom-made, natural appearance
  • User-friendliness. The new teeth are easy to clean because they stay in the mouth
  • The patient’s face will retain the integrity of its underlying bone structure, so they won’t develop a sunken appearance
  • Pronouncing difficult words and phrases might become easier
  • The patient might find eating much more enjoyable.

Enhanced Experience

Having Harley Street dental implants can greatly enhance a person’s overall experience of life. The regained abilities and improved cosmetic appeal will last for a very long time. It’s a long-term investment in a better dental future.