Four Alternative Ways to Sleep When There Aren’t Enough Sheep

Sleep deprived man

A 2007 Junk Sleep Study by the UK’s Sleep Council found that among one thousand children between ages twelve to sixteen surveyed, about thirty percent get just between four to seven hours of sleep.

Around 30 to 40 percent of American adults have occasional insomnia while 10 to 15 percent have consistent sleeping issues. Many people immediately resort to sleeping aids like medications for remedy, as a study recently indicated about nine million Americans are on prescription sleeping medications.
Woman sleeping

However, alternative means of dealing with the situation exists, and these include natural sleep remedies, lifestyle alterations as well as dietary changes. Here are a few of them.

Sniff Aromatherapy

A study conducted in 2008 and reported by the Wall Street Journal showed positive effects of lavender on a small group of women suffering from insomnia.

This treatment of using lavender essential oil for sleep disorders complements an earlier study in 2005 in which sniffing lavender resulted in deep sleep among a group of women.

Work Up Some Sweat

Couple exercising togetherResearch has consistently shown that exercise has a positive effect on sleep. People suffering from insomnia can increase energy levels, reduce depression and sleep far better by simply picking up an exercise routine according to a study.


There are many meditation routines available to help you sleep, such as Tai Chi. The core objective is relaxation and release of body resources that accomplish what the body truly needs. Research has also shown that people who meditate sleep longer and better.

Avoid Afternoon Coffee

Girl sleeping peacefullyPhysician Andrew Weil states that afternoon coffee consumption could result in increased urination at night while making sleep difficult. This is because your body could retain about 25 percent of the stimulant in coffee even after seven hours.

Having an enjoyable sleep is possible without using prescription medications. Among other natural ways, the practice of using lavender essential oil for sleep is becoming popular. It works, and it is worth a try.