Creating a Natural Smile

closeup of smile with white healthy teeth

The one accessory that no one can leave home without is their smile. It’s there, on the face, whether it looks good or not. It plays an important role in communication, and without it, people can end up depressed and isolated. These are all good reasons behind the upsurge of cosmetic dentistry in Elsternwick.

In Elsternwick cosmetic dentistry can be used as part of a restoration, or as a stand-alone treatment to improve the look of already healthy teeth. Treatments that come under the umbrella term of cosmetic dentistry in Elsternwick focus on the look of the teeth rather than their health. These treatments are available from various dentists in the area, such as My Smile Clinic.

Treatments are used to improve the size, shape, colour and alignment of the teeth and their relationship with the gums, in order to create a natural, harmonious-looking smile. Natural is a key word here. Just as decayed, gappy, stumpy teeth can be repugnant to look at, a too white, too big, too perfect smile has a weird creepiness all of its own. That’s why whole websites are devoted to pictures of celebrities who have had to have their veneers replaced, the first being too big and showy to look real.

Veneers, cosmetic braces and tooth whitening are great ways to improve how the teeth look.

Veneers are a very popular treatment for improving the look of the teeth because these tiny porcelain sleeves are like false nails for the teeth and can be used to cover up almost any imperfection, including gaps and mild misalignments. It usually takes only two appointments for them to be fitted, but the art is getting them the right size and colour and then putting them in place so that they blend in with the other teeth. Dentists can’t just stick them on over the natural teeth. If they do, the veneers stand out as an unfortunate buck toothed look. It is also important to make sure they are the right colour. If the teeth are being whitened, this must happen before the veneers are placed because veneers cannot be bleached.