Better fit, better function

Dental Implants

The thing that most people find frustrating about replacement teeth is that they don’t work as well as the ones Mother Nature provided them with. Dentures may start off fitting well, but get looser over time and wobble around. Bridges don’t wobble, but they can accumulate bits of food underneath them, and be painful. What to do? This is a question dentists have asked for centuries, and now, in the 21st century, the solution in Belfast, dental implants, brings a myriad of benefits.

In Belfast, dental implants are available from a number of reputable dental practices, including Blue Sky Dentistry. People who move to dental implants after other tooth restorations for some time are delighted with the freedom that implants bring.

What makes dental implants so popular?

Dental implants give so much more functionality than other tooth restorations. This is because they are the only kind of tooth restoration that replaces the root as well as the crown. Dentures rely on fitting really well to the gums and suction to stay in place, but this only give about 25% of the patient’s former chewing power, and people with dentures are advised to avoid all sorts of foods that will challenge their biting and chewing abilities. Bridges are fixed in place more permanently, but rely on the two teeth adjacent to the gap for support, and the crowns are suspended from the bridge, under which bits can accumulate, so things like nuts and crisps can end up on the forbidden fruits list.

When people have dental implants in Belfast, no food is off limits. Chewy steaks, crunchy apples, gloopy peanut butter with bits in, all of these are once again on the menu. And with eating being one of life’s fundamental pleasures, being able to eat whatever one fancies has a direct impact on happiness levels.

Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into artificial sockets sculpted into the jawbone with a drill. It’s not as painful as it sounds because the jawbone has fewer nerve endings than the teeth. Once the implant has meshed with the bone, which takes a few weeks, it is held in place as firmly as the original tooth it is replacing. Normal chewing and biting power is therefore restored.