A Guide to Sunbathing and Tanning the Safe Way

Woman using her tanning oil

Not everyone is lucky enough to live right next to or near the beach. For most of those people, getting a tan is a must-do once they have the time to enjoy a trip to the ocean. In fact, most of them think that a sea holiday is not complete without sunbathing.

Note though that you can only spend so much time under the direct UV rays of the sun without wreaking havoc on your skin and exposing it to serious health hazards. This is where high-quality tanning oils with SPF come into play.

First thing’s first: Grasping the basics of sunbathing

Many different factors influence the length of time a person needs to get a tan. It’s for these variables that some people only need 15 to 30 minutes of sun exposure to show a tan, while others will not show one until after a couple of hours. The greatest influencer though is the skin colour or tone. A person’s age also plays a critical role here.

While this also changes the length of time of safe exposure, the bottom line is, even just a few minutes of overexposure can already harm your skin significantly.

Achieving a sun-kissed skin in less time

Many thanks to tanning oil, you can now achieve that sun-kissed look without having to worry about burning or putting your skin in harm’s way. Proper application of these products, combined with adequate sun exposure, will give you that bronze complexion in much less time than when you sunbathe without it.

Keep in mind though that the fairer your skin is, the higher the SPF of the oil you should use. You want to get a tan, but not through such an intense manner that your skin can end up burnt – which increases your risks of major skin problems, even cancer.